Change of Name

Did you recently change your name and want to update it? No matter if you changed it because you got married, divorced or changed your name based on a court order, you will always need to make sure all the pertinent institutions have your updated information to avoid any future misunderstanding. But nothing to worry, Road Advisors Guide is here to help you providing you with the step-by-step on how to change the name on your driver license as well as listing all the required documents and fees so you won't have to visit the {DMV-C} twice.

Changing your name in Montana is not a big deal as long as you stick to the process, comply with the requirements and ensure you provide the {DMV-C} with the necessary documents. But first things first, when you go through a name change, you must make sure you have updated it with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Why? Because the {DMV-C} will check to confirm that your new name matches the one registered with the SSA and if not, you would have wasted your trip or your time and you surely don't want that.

Once you change your name with the SSA, you are ready to notify the {ST} {DMV-C} and ask for an update. The {DMV-C} offers three options for your name change:

  • In Person
  • By Mail
  • Online

When you change your name in person, you will have to visit a {DMV-C} office, present the required documents and pay the fee. You will find the list of {DMV-C} offices, contact information and documents at the Road Advisors Guide.

If you prefer or urge change your name by mail, you will need to complete a form and attach the documents a fees to then sent to an address that you will find outlined including all the requirements to change your name by mail.

Finally, you may save the trip or the paper and choose to change your name online. This is the preferred method because it is faster and easier. You will just follow a simple procedure at the comfort of your home. All this information you will find it in the Road Advisors Guide. Come on, give it a try!