The 3 Most Haunting Dashboard Icons You’ll Ever See According to blog: The 3 Most Haunting Dashboard Icons You’ll Ever See According to

No one looks forward to paying for car repairs. Bringing your car to an auto repair shop can become costly, and new car parts and the cost of labor is not cheap. It is good to know what diagnosis you may be facing when you take your car to get repaired. The team at knows that certain dashboard icons may evoke fear in even the most confident of drivers, but every motorist should educate himself or herself on what the most troublesome dash icons mean.

Battery Icon

Your car relies on a charging system to provide the vehicle with electrical energy. The charging system includes the alternator and its wiring, which provides the battery with a charge while the engine is running. The battery icon indicates that something is wrong with the charging system of your car. This typically means the alternator is not providing the battery with a proper charge, and you may need a new alternator, a new battery, a new alternator belt or wiring. The charging system is vital to keep your car running, and the battery icon lighting up means you need to get to an auto repair shop to diagnose the source of the problem. You do not want to be stranded with a dead battery or a broken alternator, so the experts at recommend getting it checked out as soon as the icon appears.

Coolant Temp Warning

The cooling system in your car is essential to keeping your car from overheating. The radiator, the thermostat, the water pump and the radiator cap work together to make sure that your vehicle’s engine does not get destroyed from intense heat. The team at knows that the coolant temperature warning light indicates that the temperature is not within the normal range, and that the engine is at risk of overheating. This can be caused by a variety of issues, including a low-coolant level, the radiator fan not functioning properly, a coolant leak or a broken radiator cap. You should get your car diagnosed and fix the problem before you cause damage to your engine.

Check Engine Light

Most drivers have experienced a sense of dread when their check-engine light is illuminated. This is one of the most common dash icons, and the experts at know this can indicate many different issues. You will need a diagnostic scan tool to see what code is setting it off. The code you receive from the scan tool will indicate where the problem is coming from. The check engine light may indicate you need to replace your O2 sensor, that your gas cap needs to be replaced or is not on tight enough, that you need your spark plugs replaced or that you need a new catalytic converter. Although these are the more common reasons your check engine light is on, you need a proper diagnosis before getting any repairs done to your vehicle. Many auto part stores or repair shops will use a scan tool on your car for no charge. A check engine light can indicate a wide range of problems, so it is vital to get it evaluated as soon as you can.