Presents Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Car Registration blog: Presents Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Car Registration

Getting a driver’s license and purchasing a car are not the only steps you have to take before going out for a drive. Before you can drive off into the world, you have to make sure that the vehicle has been appropriately registered with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which requires you to fill out a car registration application. Because this is a document that involves many different combinations of digits, it is actually quite common for applicants to make simple but significant mistakes when filling out the form. Experts at encourage motorists to pay attention to the mistakes listed below in order to avoid making the same errors.

Entering the Wrong VIN

Make sure to enter the correct Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that pertains to the vehicle you are registering. VINs tend to be very long combinations of letters and numbers, which makes it extremely easy for anyone to make a mistake and input the wrong combination. Additionally, according to the team at, the vehicle’s make, model, color and body type have to match the VIN provided in your application for a car registration, or the Department of Motor Vehicles will deny the application.

Entering the Wrong License Plate Number

Be certain that you are providing the correct license plate number during your car registration application. For your car registration to have any legitimacy, it has to not only be matched with the correct vehicle but also with the correct license plate number. experts note that, if you commit an infraction while driving with a car registration that does not contain your vehicle’s correct license plate number, you may face repercussions from the DMV.

Entering the Wrong Personal Information

Verify that you are providing the DMV with the correct full legal names and driver’s license numbers of all registrants listed in your car registration application. Whether you are the primary registrant or the co-registrant listed in the application, you will need to provide your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles with your accurate full name, driver’s license number, date of birth and gender. According to the team at, most car registration applications will also ask for applicants to list any former names they might have had in the past.

Not Submitting Proof of Insurance Along With the Application

If you reside in one of the many states where having car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, make sure that your car is covered by an insurance company before you file for a car registration. The experts at report that DMVs in states where car insurance is required will deny all applications for car registrations that aren’t accompanied by proof of insurance. Insurance companies will send you a document which proves that you and your vehicle are covered under their services as soon as you finish the process of signing up for a new auto insurance. This procedure can potentially be done even during the same day that you are buying the vehicle and applying for the car registration.

Entering the Wrong Date of Birth

Depending on your state of residence, your car registration may be up for renewal on your birthday or birth month. In either case, it is extremely important to input your correct date of birth, so that this information can match with the details on other government documents, and so that it is easy for you to remember when the registration needs to be renewed in the future.