The 3 Cheapest Auto Parts to Replace According to blog: The 3 Cheapest Auto Parts to Replace According to

Many of a car’s most essential parts – like the alternator, the engine and the tires – can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace. But this doesn’t mean that no important car part is affordable. In actuality, there are plenty of auto parts that can be bought anywhere for inexpensive prices. Oftentimes, cheaper parts are those that are important to the driver’s safety and the longevity of the car, but are not required for the car to run properly. Costly car parts are usually those that are needed in order for the car to drive. In many cases, the expensive price tag can be avoided if the more affordable parts are changed regularly, as needed. Want to learn more about car parts that can be replaced without emptying your wallet? The team at has created a brief list of car parts that can be bought for less than $50.

Engine Air Filter

With filters as cheap as $12 depending on the car model, engine air filters are incredibly affordable car parts. Including technician labor, the total replacement cost for an engine air filter can be as much as $50, but the filter is so simple to replace that many car owners change their own air filters.

The engine air filter is located under the hood and near the engine of most cars. Its main purpose is to filter the air that passes through the engine to keep out any dirt and debris. Over time, the filter becomes clogged and can no longer filter air effectively. When this happens, the engine becomes vulnerable to sucking up hazardous materials, including the air filter, itself. When the engine air filter becomes old and worn, it’s sometimes possible for it to get caught inside of the car’s engine.

The team at notes that replacing the engine air filter regularly not only improves a car’s mileage, but reduces the risk of engine failure. Without a functioning engine, a car is not able to run. An engine replacement can cost up to 20 percent of the car’s original price. That means that for a car that had a sticker price of $30,000, the cost of a new engine can run up to $6,000, not including labor. For this reason, it’s in the best interest of the car owner to replace the engine air filter regularly.

Engine Oil and Filter

It only costs $25 to $50 for enough engine oil to fill the tank. Even with labor, the cost for an oil change remains under $50 at most auto repair shops. The majority of shops replace the engine oil filter, along with the engine oil, at no extra charge.

The engine oil is responsible for lubricating all of the moving metal parts in the engine. The longer the same engine oil remains in a car, the less effective it becomes. The engine oil filter is used to make sure that no debris gets into the oil and damages the engine. At, our rule of thumb for every car is to have the engine oil changed every 3,000 miles.

Windshield Wipers

At only $8 to $16 per wiper, including labor, windshield wipers are incredibly affordable. Plenty of car owners save even more money by replacing windshield wipers themselves, as they are simple to install. The experts at recommend changing windshield wipers every six months to a year, or when visibility becomes poor.

Many people do not realize the importance of replacing windshield wipers regularly. Even though a car can still technically drive without windshield wipers, poor visibility is a serious safety hazard. Old wipers tend to waste away, and become less effective at wiping away moisture and debris. Sometimes, they can smear liquids on the windshield, making it difficult to see clearly. Routine windshield wiper changes are essential to the safety of the driver, the passengers and other cars on the road.